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Two Days Past Dead
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Chapters 1 and 2 below
Chapters 3, and 4 posted
December 21, 2018.

Two Days Past Dead Audio book, Two Days Past Dead Audibles
Introduction and Chapter One.
Released December 17, 2018
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         Sit back and relax. Let the author read his first novel to you at no cost. It is hard to be the good guy when you succeed so well being bad. This is the Auggie Summer's dilemma his entire life. The story, based loosely on the tales of The Infamous Todd, follows the precocious child. His story begins with selling candy in 9th grade where he catches not only the attention of the press but also amusement of the drug cartel early in its' own infancy. Auggie Summers finds himself in the forefront of one of the most dangerous organizations on Earth.

This is the Introduction and first chapter.
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Chapter Two.
Released December 20, 2018
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Holly, Michigan. The author continues the reading of his first novel from 2010, “Two Days Past Dead” at no charge to you. Hate reading, let him read it for you. Just sit back and listen to his entire novel, posted chapter by chapter allowing you to decide your time schedule. In this chapter, the Summer Family moves to Holly to live near their new father’s family. Auggie Summers goes from innocent sales of candy, to become the largest seller of Bubble Yum in the United States in 9th grade, only to catch the attention of the largest cocaine cartel in America.

Photo Credit: Matthew Lotridge

jim ferris, holly high school, clyde freeman, auggie summers, pamela anders, cheryl bassett, cale bassett, micah bassett, trinity bassett, cerilene bassett
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Chapter Three.
Released December 21, 2018
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My swearing is me pretending to swear in Chapter 3. In this chapter, Holly, Michigan discovers the extend of Auggie Summers illegal Bubble Yum sales in 9th grade and The Detroit Free Press gleefully gives him a nickname that he will use the rest of his life. As I read it to you, Jim Ferris was not actually hurt in the making of this chapter.

michael oehler, cathy swanson, holly bronchos. holly high school, holly michigan, mt holly, warwick hills country club
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Chapter Four.
Released December 21, 2018
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I don't hate lemon. I hate the thought of this disgusting toxin-encrusted lemon peel, hardly washed, sitting in a bucket somewhere, waiting for my server... that never washed their hands before touching my citrus, grabbing it and placing it in my drink. In life, I take pills for diagnosed OCD. No amount of medication will let me suck on this lemon.


toilet paper, warwick hills, grooveland valley, holly greens country club, holly michigan, holly high school
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Chapter Five and Six.
Released December 26, 2018
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In my youth, I worked in country clubs. As I continue to read this novel to you, it also brings back many innocent memories when the world was mine to conquer at Warkwick Hills, Groveland Valley, and Holly Greens Country Clubs. So much potential lost just to create this novel.

The Infamous Todd Show
Chapter 7
Releases at 4 pm on January 4, 2019
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