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Todd Kachinski Kottmeier
         For the record. I was born Todd David Kottmeier, son of Ted and Sharon Kottmeier. My parents divorced. My mother remarried Dennis Kachinski. My name is Todd Kachinski Kottmeier.  Dad Kottmeier passed away from cancer in 2014.

         If this is what I can do while fighting for my life, could you imagine my accomplishments if I was healthy?  The massive amount of medication to keep me alive now complicates my life with dementia, but I once told myself… “If you have enough time and energy to write on facebook, than you have enough time to help change the world.”


         Since those days, I created the charity link, “Hunger America” to help millions of families seeking food across our nation.  By simply accessing any computer (even the free one in a local library), your family, friends, and neighbors can find a local food pantry near their home. The listings are provided by everyone accessing the site. The pantry website does not charge a penny to the pantry or the client: The link is funded by my novel, “Two Days Past Dead.”


         Hunger America was inspired by a comment my daughter made regarding poor people freezing during the winter. I reached out to MCC Tampa and across the 515 groups and facebook pages I admin’ed at that time, asking people to send us sweaters and coats.  Bags from across the nation poured into my home. A mountain of love, a nation of joined hearts.  When spring arrived, we reached out once again, I called out for shoes for their feet. Once again, cases were filled and distributed.


         I began asking people across facebook to contribute wisdom and advice for many of the book projects I was creating. In the end, I created one of the largest transgender networks in the world with almost seven hundred members and the largest transgender compilation book in history, but also (not to be confused with transgender) with 7,837 current or former impersonators. To thank the performers for creating many of the books, I started “The Official, Original Drag Memorial,” which is not the oldest and largest memorial for their industry in the world. 


         A few years ago, I decided that tons of these books need to help HIV/AIDS families struggling to purchase groceries each week. I turned over all the royalty and company rights to The Joshua Tree Feeding Program. A non-profit, all volunteer 501c charity of heroes, helping such a cause for over a quarter of a century at


         I was in the restaurant and bar owner and manager profession until I was diagnosed with terminal diluted cardiomypathy. I was too sick to stand, so I began writing and eventually started painting between writing to pay bills without relying on royalties. Now over 171 paintings are adopted around the world through Brüllt Galleries. I chose the name Brüllt , because it meant to ROAR. I refused to go silently through life, so I insist on living loudly until my last breath.


         A year later, my books began hitting 14,000 retailers in 32 countries. Some failed, many of them went viral (and became best-sellers), and more excitingly. I now have twenty world records. Here are some of those books and their details…


“Two Days Past Dead”

         It is hard to be the good guy when you succeed so well being bad. This is the Auggie Summer's dilemma. The story, based loosely on the tales of Todd Kachinski Kottmeier, follow the precocious child as he torments Holly, Michigan with his wild antics. One of his ventures, selling candy in 9th grade catches not only the press but also amusement of the drug cartel early in its' own infancy. Auggie Summers finds himself in the forefront of one of the most dangerous organizations on Earth, trying to remain the silly, mid-western boy from the small town of Holly. The tale follows Auggie, as he becomes a man trying to find redemption from the people harmed in the tales created during his life. By Todd Kachinski Kottmeier with Steve Hammond


“Best Said Dead”

         A New Year’s Resolution for the rest of your life.

Those brief minutes after a person dies should be so funny. Many religions and beliefs define different paths for each of us. Rarely do we discuss those precious moments between death and the final destination. This hilarious comedy opens the possibilities that for a moment, a person vanishes into the memories in their mind. By Todd Kachinski Kottmeier with Steve Hammond


“Following Wynter”

         What happens when you get married only to discover your partner is secretly a famous female impersonator? Hilarious comedy play. Ethan discovers his newlywed husband is the flamboyant drag queen Wynter Storm in this whimsical farce with an important message of believing in yourself and your friends... even if your friend is Serena Silver. This play is staged around the world to benefit local charities.

By Steve Hammond and Todd Kachinski Kottmeier


“Joey Brooks, The Show Must Go On”

         A humorous, real story of The First Lady of Ybor from the days of El Goya to present day. Female Impersonator, Show director, hostess, author…“Old school, new school, no school… who gives a shit? I’m too old to go to school. I barely remember last week. When I get too old to remember what the fuck I did when I was young …ger, I’ll just open of these books and laugh my ass off. I wonder how many other queens had this much fun becoming one of the icons of their community. Too funny. I just called myself an icon. Hell, I must be a queen. Only a female impersonator could call themselves a diva, a queen, a star without people giggling behind her back. Giggling is good. A twenty-dollar bill is better. By Joey Brooks and Todd Kachinski Kottmeier


“CommUnity in Transition”

         Compilation conversation with the world’s transgender readers. We sent over a thousand invitations to the transgender community around the world asking them to share wisdom, advice, and compassion for those questioning or struggling. No restraints, using topics they created, as they guided the conversation over forty chapters and fifty topics. By the close, these remarkable people created the largest compilation book in transgender history. They opened their heart with these words. Created By Todd Kachinski Kottmeier with Dr. Robyn Walters and Emery C. Walters


"Turn Around Bright Eyes"

         *VERY VIOLENT* Few crimes in gay and lesbian history rocked a nation as great as The Drag Queen Killer. The country seemed paralyzed from the first ring of the chain tapping on the concrete as they pulled Cassandra to her death, until the very last brutal killing. The murderous rampage seemed buried in the media suffering from a barrage of tales from the 9-11 terrorist attacks. By Steve Hammond and Todd Kachinski Kottmeier



         By Steve Hammond and Todd Kachinski Kottmeier


The “Official Drag Handbook”

         We sent out 2,700 invitations; these messages they sent back. The first internationally successful compilation book by impersonators. Created By Todd Kachinski Kottmeier


“DRAG Stories”

         True tales from drag performers across the nation. The humorous craziness of creating the original DRAG project, “The Official Drag Handbook."DRAG Stories is the first forum published by the drag community for the drag community. Performers across the nation sent in their personal funny stories. Created By Todd Kachinski Kottmeier


“DRAG Parents”

         Performers look to drag mothers, fathers, friends, and fans for insight, compassion, and guidance as mentors. This book honors those special people. Over 140 entertainers contributed wisdom and words for this historical book, making it the largest project of its nature in LGBT history. Drag Parents is the first published book on male and female mentors. Created By Todd Kachinski Kottmeier


Drag World vol. I and vol. II

         Drag World started as the largest drag magazine in the world, but focus transferred into collecting the wisdom to create books for the benefit of the HIV/AIDS community. This is the two largest editions.

Created By Todd Kachinski Kottmeier


"Crown Me!"

         Nation's top crown holders share wisdom on winning competitions. Hundreds of invitations sent to the titleholders, pageant promoters, judges, and talent show hosts to share their insight on not only winning pageants and contests but also owning the stage every time they perform. Their topics included auxiliary steps to success needed for song selection, dancing, movement on stage, props, backup dancers, creating your own edge, personal interviews, steps to success for winning the talent category every time you step on stage, on stage questions, evening wear, and creative costuming. They discussed in their own unedited words, wardrobe changes, makeup, hair, shoes, when is the time to compete, qualities needed for a judge, and the top misconceptions of contestants competing in the pageantry systems. Created By Todd Kachinski Kottmeier


“Why Me, Harvey Milk?” 

         “It is hard to fight for equality when you see someone less looking back in the mirror.”
         The Harvey Milk Festival asked a simple writer to be their first Master of Ceremonies (Emcee). The writer struggled understanding his own value to accept such an honor. In those struggles, he realized his own insecurities are shared many other people. The following year, his second speech for the festival challenged people to be active in the world, far beyond the LIKE button on a social network. This book challenges two years of attendees to change the world by renovating their own place in the world. Contributing writers added supplemental resources.

By Steve Hammond, John Behr, Emily Burton, and Todd Kachinski Kottmeier


The Forum

         Directory for the Male and Female Impersonators, as sent in by them. Created By Todd Kachinski Kottmeier


“Opie and the Story of Forest Heights”

         A children’s story of friendships and morals. A Childhood tale of Willow, a small child that runs away into the forest to hide from sadness. Willow is found by three small chipmunks that teach her the adult lessons of learning to be happy. By Todd Kachinski Kottmeier Illustrations by Jesus Poom

         The Largest Bullying Project  in LGBT History for  Struggling Entertainers  Over a hundred male, female, and androgynous impersonators around the world sharing wisdom and  advice to help entertainers struggling with their  family, peers, relationships, neighbors, regular jobs,  venues, and self-doubt.


          I also created 515 group and pages totaling 3.6 million people. I have reduced the pages and groups to only a few pages and closed most groups as my dementia flared. I may have problems getting on the computer throughout the day, but believe the groups I run help me to stay focuses, productive, relevant to the community, and surrounded by people with shared interest.